The Shire Angling Club - Annual Brandywine Salmon Run

Post date: Feb 23, 2014 9:35:22 AM

By Penina Pondhopper  Well, March is almost upon us, which means Spring is just around the corner! But more importantly, this is the time of year them salmon swim up the Brandywine from the sea. Now, there’s a little-known corner of the Shire where them salmon take a rest to feed before pushing on up to the lake, which gives us hobbits the opportunity to land us a couple of fine fish fer the table. So, now’s yer chance to join the Angling Club in the Annual Brandywine Salmon Run!

We shall meet at seven and a half bells in the Plough and Stars, Brockenborings and wander over the fields to the Brandywine. This year there will be two competitions, with the usual grand prizes!

1. Largest Salmon Prize (Advanced fisher hobbits)

Three grand prizes for the heaviest three salmon caught.

2. Overall catch prize (Open to all)

Three prizes for the the three fullest keep nets.

No need to register, just turn up on the night with yer fishing gear. If you don’t want to fish, do come along for the picnic and company!

Tight lines, 

Penina Pondhopper

What:     Anual Brandywine Salmon Run

Where:  Gather at the Plough and Stars, Brockenborings

When:    Sunday March 2nd 7:30 ((UK, 2.30 servertime))

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