the Search for the Next Shire May Queen (and King)

By Nannie

Them nonimations are all in, ah've checked wit all these folks, an their all willing ter take part.

So heres, a reminder on how ter vote.

Now each hobbit gets two votes.

Ye send these votes ter me, an ah'll keep track of where they all go.

Ye can send em ter me via the Quick post or whispher it ter me, when ye see's me.

Ah'll let ye know yer votes have been recorded, an that's all ye has ter do.

Ye will have until the end of Green Dragon next week - the 28th - ter get them in.

For on the 29th we will gather once more at the May pole at the People of the Shire Kinhouse at 4 Myrtle Court, Oakham.

At about 7:30 pm (bst/ 2:30 servertime)

Now! Who ter vote fer?

Fer sum reason them laddies were ina rush ter get them names dow

They out number the lassies!

So here are yer choices fer May King...

My what a list, now fer the Lassies!

An there ye go!

Another year has almost gone by, and tis time ter start the search once more!

Each year, about this time, the Shire decides which of the brave lasses who come forward will be the next ter wear the Floral Crown. From Humble housewife ter hard working crafters, the race is open ter all!

Each year we choose a new Queen and king, for tis fair that all get a chance if they wish ter take part. Here be a listing of who ye can not nominate.

Our former Queens have been:

Miss Acorne

Miss Amorey

Miss Lina

Miss Pycella

Miss Pennyroyal

Miss Dassa

Miss Diaspore


Miss Demelsa, our current Queen

Former kings are:

Master Potty

Master Simbo

Master Matzo

Master Aodhfin

Master Xobin

Ye has till the 21st ter get yer nominations ter me,  and then we'll begin the vote - more on that later.

The chosen lass an lad will be revealed on the 29th of April at the Crowning Ceremony

So get them nominations in as soon as ye can - them quick post lads hate this time o year. Drop me a letter or if ye see's me about just whisper it ter me!