The Search for the Missing Detective

By Thebo Bilberry

As you all may know, my cousin Tubblo Bilberry went missing roughly 2 weeks ago. The Bounders have been "searching", yet found nothing but little clues.

On Monday, on the way to the market, I saw something terrible - a ghostly figure, pointing a finger at a hobbit with a hat and torn clothes. I could tell it was Tubblo - but when I looked away, and looked back in disbelief, there was no trace, anywhere. This was just north of Waymeet, off the road, as I believed it would be a shortcut.

At 7 Bells, ((7:00PM UK TIME))  on the 11th February we will gather at the Waymeet intersection, and head out North at half-past, into the February morning to look for any clues which may help us find Tubblo. Bring your ponies as it will be a fairly long journey.

We will finish our search in Nobottle, hopefully before 9 bells, at the Fox and Fiddle Inn, and we will gather any clues we find as evidence.

(( When the clues are found, if you want, I can IM you what you find, and you can tell everyone, to make it more fun! ))

I hope to see many of you there! I will need the help of lots of hobbit minds!

Date:  Sunday 11th February, 2024, 

Time: 7 Bells ((7:00pm UK Time))

Location: Waymeet, The Shire

Thebo Bilberry