The Salmon will be leaping this Leapyear day!

Post date: Feb 21, 2020 12:50:19 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper 

I bagged this brace of beauties in the Brandywine just this morning! It’s been a long while, but the salmon are finally back in the Brandywine, having made their long and difficult journey up from the sea. And by next week, the river will be teeming with them. So, it’s time to grab your fishing gear and join us in the Great Brandywine Salmon Run. This year, the competition will be held on Saturday 29th February. We shall meet at Brockenborings (the Bullroarer Took statue) at 7:30pm ((UK time)) and after a short talk on this marvellous fish, we shall wend our way across the Greenfields to a secret fishing spot where the salmon are guaranteed to bite.

As usual, there will be prizes for the winner and a trophy for the biggest salmon caught. Bring your rods and wear suitable clothing for the wilds. Cooks might also want to bring ingredients as there will be a wide range of edible fish to be caught. For those with no experience of salmon fishing there will be a chance to win a prize in our junior category.

What: Fishing Competition

Where: Brockenborings Bullroarer Took statue

When: 7:30 pm ((UK time, 2:30 pm servertime)) Saturday 29th February

Tight lines!

Ponso Pondhopper

President, Shire Angling Club