The Romance/masked Ball will be in Oldfurlong this year

Post date: Feb 06, 2020 6:7:58 PM

By Nannie

The days are growing longer and the sun is warming ter ground. Spring will soon be with us, and we know what that means? It's at this time when a young hobbits mind starts ter thinking of matters other than their stomachs, and they looks around fer a companion.

So where better ter find that special one then at the up and coming Romance/masked Ball!

We will meet in the grand homestead of Oldfurlong on the 15th February, in front of the Party Tree. 

Location: Party Tree, Oldfurlong homestead

Date:       Saturday, 15th February

Time:       8pm ((GMT, 3pm server time))

As it's a masked Ball as well, ah am asking folks ter come dressed in costume. Prizes will be awarded fer the best solo costume; the best couples costume and best Mystery/Masked costume!

Ah am also on the look out fer a few folk or a willing group ter play some fine dancing tunes at the event, so sent me a wee note if'n yer interested in helping folk ter bounce!

So come as yerself or as someone else! It'll be grand ter see ye all.

((OOC: This is a hobbit-preferred event but friends of other races will be welcome should  they wish to take part.))

The venue of the Ball in Oldfurlong


((OOC: Rules for a mystery hobbit

Anyone attending as a mystery hobbit, must create a hobbit alt. This identity must remain secret from all friends/kin members. They must also retain the same gender as the original character, but can be any class/different features/clothing and of course RP story.

Doing the reveal

The original hobbit makes sure they are wearing the same costume as their masked alt and hides behind the Party Tree in Oldfurlong. There they will remain until needed.

All dancing and merriment will be taking part in front of the small stage area.

The masked alt attends the Romance/masked Ball, other hobbits will try and figure out who they really are.

Once it is time, folk will try and guess who the mystery hobbit is. They will then go behind the Party Tree and log out.

The True hobbit will log in, wearing the same outfit but with no mask this time and reveal themselves to the delight of all. ))