The Little Wanderers present: Night of the Muses!

Post date: Oct 17, 2015 11:7:33 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

This week the Gazette received a letter by Master Isumaric. His merry band, the Little Wanderers, has the intention to come and play for you every Wednesday in the Michel Delving Park. They call it: the Night of the Muses!

The Night of the Muses will have two parts: In part one, the Little Wanderers will entertain you with their music. And then, in part two, Lone Bards and bands are invited to sign up to play. Just whisper to Master Isumaric or one of the other Little Wanderers and you will be called forward when it's your turn. When I say "in Green Dragon Friday fashion", most readers will know how this goes.

What: The Night of the Muses, a weekly two-part musical evening.

Where: Michel Delving, in the park near the Eldar Monument.

When: Every Wednesday, starting at 7 Bells  ((7pm UK, 2pm servertime, except on Wednesday October 28: 3pm servertime))

A little more about who the Little Wanderers are By Isumaric Microfoot

They are a group of travelling Hobbits (hence Little Wanderers) who try to collect music throughout Middle Earth. Aside of all the travelling they also like to share the knowledge they gathered during their many journeys. This with the goal to spread the music along the Shire, and just maybe even behind its borders.

The members of the Little Wanderers are: Isumaric, Sase (sometimes replaced by one of her sisters: Minimim or Blula), Eastry and a Hobbit who travels by the name Hooh, but is also known as Vethlo.

They learned about the Eldar during their journeys and wanted to honor them by selecting the Eldar monument as the venue of their event. Also they'd like to host the Night of the Muses because they're hobbits, and which hobbit doesn't like a good party, right? if you do find one it's probly a goblin in disguise!

(( OOC

The Little Wanderers play various genres, they don't really pick just one, but play something for all to enjoy :)

They are from the Eldar-server, hence the choice of the location near the Eldar monument.

Next to their goal to entertain, they'd like to help people to take the first steps into the music-system. So don't hesitate to let them know, if you have questions about how to play music.  ))