the June OAKS, first of a new series!

Post date: Jun 04, 2015 9:56:44 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


First I want ta thank all those folks that helped make the Forest of OAKS...the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series...a tree-mendous success!  

Thanks ta all the bands that came back ta play ...all them generous folks who gave up their time ta hand out food, drinks, pipeweed, and fireworks...the folks who made notes and drawings so we could all remember what a grand time it had been...and everybodee who came ta dance and cheer on all the bands.   Thanks ta ya one and all     *smiles and gives a thumbs up*

Now it's time ta start plannin on makin a trip back fer another AMAZIN concert!

For June brings in sunshine and purty blossoms...and in Oldfurlong's garden we will have a rare blossom indeed bloomin fer all ta see ...and hear.

A truly phenomenal band!    with an incredible sound like no other band in all of Middle Earth.

We're in fer the rare treat of hearin...

the Mondbarden!

If ya have not had the pleasure of hearin them afore....dont miss this chance!

If ya have herd them could ya miss it!?!

They come here ta our Shire from a far-off furin place ta play their own special style of music which ya're gonna luv :)

You'll finally lern ta luv the sound of the pighorn......oh yes ya will!

Come on back ta Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads on Tuesday June 30th at eight bells.

We residents of the Oldfurlong neighborhood wood like ta share the thrill of listenin ta Mondbarden wit all of Middle Earth...even the dwarfies! :D

where:  the town square of the neighborhood of Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads  (on the Laurelin server)

when:   Tuesday June 30th at eight bells in the evening    (8pm UK time/3pm server time)


Hugs ta ya all,


Below is an impression of Forest of OAKS 2015, with pictures of some of the bands, made by Eth:

The Crazy Ladies of the Forest

The Breakfast Club

The Brandy Badgers

The Maidens of Vanimor

Brandywine and Biscuits