The Hobbitry's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations

By Demelsa

Join us as we mark the kinship's 3rd anniversary with a celebration to remember!

Date: June 22nd, 2024

Time: 7:00 PM BST ((2 PM server time))

Location: The Party Tree in Sootcrest in the Shire Homesteads

Event details:

Fun, games, and entertainment will be plentiful! The Hobbitry's band the Bullroarers will play some celebratory tunes, but we are open to other entertainers if you have something. If you have entertainment (be it a tune, a story, or anything else!) sign up before the event by contacting Demelsa via the Quick Post ((an in-game mail or /tell)).

Our celebrations will include a short pie race. To enter the race, you will need a Prized Pie which you can obtain from the quest "Which Laid First?" at Sandson's Farm in the Delving Fields. Be sure not to activate your Prized Pie until the start of the race as it has a pesky 10-minute cooldown. After the race, we'll picnic on pies a-plenty!

Dressing up fancily is strongly encouraged!

((OOC details:

Though we're hobbit-orientated, we welcome friends of all races to share in our anniversary celebrations with us.

This is a hobbit-run role-playing event on the Laurelin server hosted by The Hobbitry.


Contact: Demelsa ))