"The Hobbit", a metal opera

Post date: Nov 15, 2021 4:13:59 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush

Do you love a good story? I know that I do! And this is about the best story ever: "There and Back Again" by Ronald Dwale. But wait.. or is it written by Master Bilbo Baggins himself?

Anyway, the thing is, that a dwarven band called "the Arda", or "Arda" for short, has taken it upon them to present you this story in the form of an opera. Opera means that the performers do not speak, but in stead they sing! And it takes a bit longer to sing everything, so they split the story in two. Two evenings of musical delight carrying a fine story. If you think that is long, consider yourself lucky: there is another "opera", also involving a ring, which takes 4 evenings to perform!

Now it also says "metal" in the title and that made me wonder. Dwarves ofcourse are devoted miners and metal workers, but that has no relation with the title: Metal rock is a genre of music that dwarves really love! It is loud and it encourages headbanging. Headbanging? That might hurt! So this is what Arda says about it:

Adventure of one famous hobbit to the accompaniment of Metal Rock!

Embark on an adventure with our actors and musicians to hear the story of the thirteen dwarfs, a mysterious wizard and a skilled burglar!

Part 1. The beginning of an exciting adventure. Come with us to the dangers of the long journey to the Lonely Mountain. Reach the enchanting Rivendell with us, cross the Misty Mountains, step under the dark shadows of Mirkwood for a first glimpse of the distant peak of the Lonely Mountain

Part 2. Continuation of the incredible adventure. Reach the Lonely Mountain to witness the majesty of the Kingdom under the Mountain, challenge the fire-breathing dragon and defeat the hordes of goblins in the final battle. But what awaits us when we return with you back?

The illustration above was made by Master Blakcs Burows. And this leads me to the fact that, although the title refers to a hobbit and the bandmembers are dwarves, the cast is made up of more than one Hobbit and Men, Elves, Dwarves and a Beorning! Many of them are already well-known to visitors of the OAKS concert series.

Here are the vital statistics for the Hobbit, a metal opera:

What:     Well, I just told you: the Hobbit, a metal opera

Where:   The big stage at the Bree Festival grounds

When:    part one Saturday November 27th, 17:00 ((UK, Noon servertime))

             part two Sunday November 28, 18:00 ((UK, 1pm servertime))

Please be aware of the two different starting times!

Hobbits who want to stay overnight in Bree can do so in the Prancing Pony Inn. If you mention the Bramblebury Gazette to Barliman, the innkeeper, he'll give you a reduction on his fees.

((OOC  Roleplaying is encouraged! We are on Laurelin, after all.

The music will be Russian Heavy Metal music by groups like Aria, Kipelov and more. Arranged by bandleader Strovar of the Arda and by Master Azannuzbad who came up with the idea for this project too.

All lyrics for the opera were written by Master Azannuzbad.

Starring as "the Hobbit" is Miss Acorne Oakley.

That opera lasting four evenings that I mentioned is ofcourse "Die Ring des Nibelungen", by Richard Wagner))