The Green Dragon is open again on the yule days!

Post date: Dec 16, 2021 1:25:53 PM

By Pycella Woodberry

The plight of our eternal waitress continues. As some of you might know, Miss Pycella has been doomed to act as a waitress at the Dragon for an eternity or two, thanks to many mishaps she has encountered (mostly some ale spilling mishaps when she has pounced too much at the inn). Miss Pycella has, once again, been dodging these never-ending duties quite effectively this year as well. And like last year, she’ll compensate for all the missed waitressing opportunities by hosting the Green Dragon on December 24th and 25th – without Barmy’s help! The Green Dragon will open its doors to everyone who’d like to enjoy fine yule food, music, entertainment, and the merry company. Come and join us for as long as you like, both old and new friends!



We know that many folks are lonely during the yule days. Due to the pandemic, they might not get a chance to meet their dear ones, or they might have other difficulties. This inspired us to provide a place where like-minded folks interested in LOTRO or Tolkien in general can meet up and spend time together on Yule Eve and Yule Day (December 24th and 25th). We will open the doors of this virtual Green Dragon inn on a Discord server. There will be different channels (or “rooms”) for different topics: folks can share their yule music, pictures of their yule foods, share yule videos or stories, maybe even riddles… There will also be a voice channel available. The link to the Discord server will appear on the Lost Mathom website and the hobbit yule calendar on December 24th.

 During those two days, Miss Pycella will waitress at the Dragon. Expect a friendly and welcoming hobbity atmosphere where you can take part as much as you like – you can just sit back and follow the channels, or chatter as much as your heart desires. We had much fun with the channel last year, so we hope to meet many old and new friends there again!

If you have questions, please contact Miss Pycella (pycellawoodberry(a), @pieseller on Twitter). ))