The Great Shire Cluck Off: Lone-lands!

Post date: Apr 30, 2022 2:15:54 PM

By Aodhfin & Lina

Have you ever dreamt of being a chicken? Roaming around with your feet in the dirt, eating worms, living your best life? This could become a reality! It’s time to fly the coop and plant our feet into the wide world to solve a cluckish problem and meet some like-minded animals on the way.

Join us at Sandson’s farm, where a very charming rooster called George has some dashing chores for us.

This time, we will do the Lone-lands run!

Date:        May 11th

Time:        7.30 PM ((UK time/2:30 PM server time))

Location:    Sandson's Farm, The Delving Fields, The Shire

((OOC details:

To participate as a chicken you will have to complete the introductory Flying the Coop Quests. To do these, travel to Sandson’s farm in the Shire and talk to a rooster called George. This will bring you to a quest chain called The Sky is Falling. You will need to complete to participate as a chicken:

More information available on the LOTRO Wikipedia:

The Sky Is Falling Quests and Flying The Coop Quests

During this event, there will be a few hobbits to herd (protect) our adventuring chickens from being eaten by the dangers lurking in the wild. It’s up to you whether you want to participate as a chicken or a herder.

We will be using the regional chat (/regional) in our chicken forms to communicate with each other. There will be someone in chicken form communicating with the herding team in order to keep us all connected.

This is a hobbit-preferred event, though we welcome well-behaved members of other races.

Meet at Sandson’s Farm, near George the Rooster. If you’re late, send a tell to an officer who will assist you in finding us! ))