The Grand Trout Tickle

Post date: Mar 14, 2014 9:31:58 AM

By Penina Pondhopper  Now the coarse close season is upon us, our fishing trips are restricted to game fish (trout, grayling, salmon...) and still waters such as restocked ponds, like this one up at Northcotton Farm in Oatbarton. Here our old friend, Albin Northcotton has been working with the Angling Club to stock his pond with all kinds of trout. So, we have first dibs at fishing them out! 

Come along with the Shire Angling Club at seven and a half bells on Sunday 13 April for another grand day of fishing. Meet by the stables in Oatbarton and bring yer light tackle, because it's trout we are fishing for.

Competition Classes:

General class: (Fishing skill below 100): Prizes for the fullest keep nets (all species)

Trout Fishers: (Fishing skill above 100)

Golden Trout award, for the first Golden Trout landed

Diversity award, for the most variety of species landed

Tight lines award, for the most trout caught.

As usual, all the fun of the fishing competition, great prizes, music and refreshments (courtesy of the Bird and Baby).

What:        the Grand Trout Tickle, fishing competition.

Where:     Meet by Oatbarton stables, then it's up to Northcotton farm.

When:      Sunday, April 13, 7.30pm ((UK,  2.30 servertime)).

More information can be found here.

Artist's impression of a trout, by Lingard.