The Grand (joint) Yule Market!

Post date: Dec 06, 2022 2:22:46 PM

By Thordralin, Frimsi,  Geoadoc and Lina 

All welcome to the Grand Yule Market! 

Merchants flock from near and far to the Yondershire ((Represented by a Belfalas house)) to sell their wares. You are welcome too! For travellers bring coin, and coin brings happiness for the canny merchant.

Date: Saturday December 10

Time: 7PM ((UK time / 2PM servertime))

Location: 2 Silver Street, Tham Orbarad, Cape of Belfalas homesteads ((RP-wise, this will be somewhere in distant Yondershire))

Details below

Event details:

The Dwarves and Hobbits have come together to plan a grand Yule occasion. Sinti Snowbeard is expected to make an appearance, and while for some he brings cheer and gifts, a certain Zabad of Trade is anxious to get him behind bars… what could possibly go wrong?

Join us for an evening of festive cheer! Bring goods to sell, bring yer shopping lists for purchasing, come join the grand Yule cheer!

((OOC details:

First, setting the location:

IC this takes place in Yondershire, after the War of the Ring.

How to get there:

Simply visit the Boar Fountain in Bree, visit the Belfalas Housing Broker, scroll down to Tham Orbarad and tour a free house (Swan Lane is close). From there it’s a short ride to the market!  ))

What to do there:

Have fun, by Durin!