The Grand Hobbit Rohan Visit

Post date: Jun 12, 2021 2:32:38 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Pony party!

Many hobbits have sneakily bought houses in far-away Rohan. It is time to go on a visit!

How about a relaxing morning fishing? An exciting afternoon pony-racing? A scary evening dodging snow-baths? Snooping through grand houses and yards, then having a party at a huge mead hall? That sound proper hobbity, right? Right! Even though we’ll do it in a faraway land…

So, we’d like to invite everyhobbit along for a visit to the Deorend homesteads down Rohan way. Join us in Bree, and we’ll point yer in the right direction to the party. Bring yer fishing poles and be prepared for fun and feasting! Welcome!

Date: Tuesday June 22

Time: 7:00PM ((UK time / 2PM servertime))

Location: Meet at Bree West Gate, then to Deorend homesteads in Eastfold Hills, Rohan (via the Broker’s office in Bree)


How to get to Deorend, yer might ask? Simple! Visit the Broker’s office in Bree, use the visitors’ ledger there, and yer will be able to visit the homestead. There should be no level requirements getting there, and the homesteads area is safe for everyone. Also, we’ll start out from the West Gate in Bree and walk towards the Broker’s house, so join us there at the start of the event if you don’t know where it is.

The visitor’s ledger at the Bree Broker’s office

There will be some competitions (fishing, pony racing or similar) during the event, but mostly for fun and laughs.))