the F8rest of 8AKS

Post date: May 04, 2022 4:1:22 PM

By Acorne Oakley 

Hiya Everyone!

Hope ya folks were there at the April OAKS party ....what a PARTY it was!   SO much fun!

NAM had explosions, dancin elufs, wondrous music that made us all happy enuff to want ta dance,     ...and  ...

in the audience sum folks that I had sorely missed came back fer a few hours which absolutely thrilled me & many, many others.

I want each of ya ...every dwarfie, eluf, human, and hobbit ta know that I was sincerely happy ta see ya there cause ya ALL matter ta me ...but I must admit ...

  I felt my heart leap in my chest when I saw Lady F and dear Grombine  ..

and I couldnt stop smilin the whole concert    WOOHOO!!

Of course, all of ya kind folks that came mean so much ta me ...

a most sincere thanks ta all of ya.

And thanks ta all of NAM  ....who play Deliteful, Invigoratin, Sizzlin, Cheerful, Outstandin music that leaves their audience happy & ultimately after hours of dancin ....         

     ~hehe~    exhausted.

If ya be rested and ready ta dance again....give this a listen ....


thanks ta dear Miss Leddy once again fer this wonderful memory.

   ~smiles & hugs Miss Leddy~

What's that?  ya want ta hear more of NAM live? 

then ya be in luck cause  they'll be back on saturday May 14 as part of The Forest of OAKS!

I certainly am eager & ebullient in expectation of the extravagant, excitin, effervescent, eclectic ....EIGHTH Forest of OAKS.

Join us on saturday May 14 at 18:00 UK/ 19:00 CET/ 1pm servertime when the party will begin in the Forest of OAKS in the Shire neighborhood of Oldfurlong down among the trees of Laurelin.

Bring yer gammer along cause ya know she bakes ya all them pies and dont get out enuff ....

                                  ta the



 Come on back ta the rockin neighborhood of Oldfurlong fer a day like no other!

when ya can dance again wit yer flair ta the fun music of NAM! 

Feel the marvelous music of Midnight!

Enjoy the always awesum Andune!

Thrill ta the excitin episodes of Telimektar!

         A real rainbow of talent

and I am both elated & euphoric ta announce that the phenomenal Polnolunie will be here!!!

I even got a  ~surprise~ fer ya folks.  What's that ya say??

I just told ya it was ta be a surprise ya have ta come see fer yerself ~winks~

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                 ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday May 14th at six bells in the evenin

              (( 18:00 UK time / 19:00 CET / 1:00pm server time ))

warm hugs ta all,