The Evendim Hillbillies in concert: Born in Oatbarton

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 6:53:22 PM

By "Onionfarmer" Pete Proudfoot  The Evendim Hillbillies are proud to announce their first big concert in their musical career. For this concert, they invite you all to come to their native village: Oatbarton, in the North-Farthing, a bit north of the Greenfields.  In a rural surrounding, you'll be experiencing the music the lads learned to love and play from childhood on. From their teachers they learned to play dances and songs that the Oatbarton farming community loves to dance to at their Harvest Feast, Northcotton Market Fair and other festive occasions. Until recently playing as a duo, for this concert the Evendim Hillbillies have asked some gifted musicians to play with them, which makes the music even more lively and attractive.  

So here's the what, where and when:

What: a concert by the Evendim Hillbillies Band with the theme: Born in Oatbarton

Where: in Oatbarton at Auntie May's farm (it's the farm close to the forge)

When: February 2nd, starting  7.30pm ((2.30pm Servertime))

More detailed directions to Auntie May's farm: From the Oatbarton stable-master, follow the road north to the Milestone. From the Oatbarton Milestone, turn northwest and take the path uphill. You'll soon see several hobbits, among them May Gardner. The bandmembers will then show you the exact spot of the performance.

That covers the what, where and when. How about a bit about the who? Who are the Evendim Hillbillies?

Janco Bloatfoot was the first of the two to leave Oatbarton to see a bit more of the world. He was accompanied by a childhood friend, Puki Hackamore, and together they played music as far as Bree, calling themselves the "Jolly Jelly Jesters". The Oatbarton style music they played found many admirers and Janco regretted very much, that the cooperation with Puki ended. He completely stopped playing music for a long time, hung his favourite clarinet on the wall in his rented room in Michel Delving. He found a job as a cook, concentrating solely on cooking for the elderly who could not cook for themselves anymore.

Pete Proudfoot, better known as Onionfarmer Pete took over the Oatbarton onion production and the title of "Onionfarmer" from his father when he retired. Not being content with the quality of the soil of the patch of land designated to him, one day Pete decided to travel south in search for better circumstances to exercise his profession. His early years in the Shire were full of hardship, like a failed harvest or two and a life in relative poverty. But being a sturdy Oatbarton lad, Pete persevered and eventually was able to make a good living and save some coppers too. One day, at Hobbit Market, he met Janco, sold him some onions and found out he was born in Oatbarton too. They talked about the good old days in Oatbarton and soon the topic came to music. Both lads had learned to play an instrument in their youth and their eyes began to twinkle.

Janco ran off to fetch and dust off his clarinet, while Pete rushed to Gammer Took to spend his hard earned savings on a lute. That night they played all the tunes they both remembered and the Evendim Hillbillies were born! Their cooperation extended beyond music making when they decided to form the Farmer's Guild, after both agreed that it was not fair to have a guild for tailors, jewellers, woodworkers and blacksmiths, but not one for farmers as well. The Farmer's Guild now has a flourishing farmhouse and lands in Harville.Their dream of once playing a concert back in Oatbarton, slowly took shape as they rewrote the old Jester tunes made years ago by Janco, and came up with more of their own. They decided they could use a bit of help. They asked members of the Brandy Badgers for assistance and several of them enthustiastically promised their cooperation. A five person hobbit band resulted, to be known as the Evendim Hillbillies Band

So, do remember to travel to Oatbarton on February 2nd for the first ever big concert of the Evendim Hillbillies Band: Born in Oatbarton!