the Curse of the Honeythumbs

Post date: Jul 30, 2020 3:24:22 PM

By Saelo Honeythumb 

It has been twenty five years that Honeythumbs lost their family heirloom and since that day a curse lies upon the family. Many perished because of the curse and only three of Honeythumbs remain. But tides change in time and seems like same happened with Honeythumbs too: I found a track of their heirloom and will try to find it, also break the curse if I can. 

Could this be it??


But I can't do it alone. I need every hand ready to help, therefore I call hobbits to join me on the search of the heirloom. Hunt begins on August 29th and will last for two days. We'll meet at seven and half bells at  Tuckborough . ((7:30 PM UK time)) Be prepared if ye're willin' to join. Bring some woods, food and drinks and else what ye think ye'll need. Note that minimum belly size of twenty is suggested, cause the journey will probably take us through dangerous places, yet, it ain't mandatory.


If ye're willin' to know more about the curse, read the attached note!



- The event will be slightly different from others, with its dramatic story, yet meant to be fun like others. The event will last an hour or thereabouts each day, around 2-3 hours in total;

- Note that we all will use mounts with 62% speed at the best. If you have traveler skills, remember to use Smell of Rose skill;

- If you miss the first day, feel free to come to Elven campsite by Woodhall;

- The event is only meant for Hobbits. ))