The coronation of the Shire May Queen and King

Post date: May 06, 2018 11:43:27 AM

By Janco Bloatfoot    

Hmm, I don't usually write for newspapers or write much at all for that matter, so I'll keep it brief.  

As I was candidate for the election of Shire May King and bound to be in Brightdown for the occasion, the editor of this Gazette (I happen to be his cousin, twelve times removed) asked me to write a short report and provide some sketches. Luckily it did not have to be  a self-portrait!  

The results may well be known all over the Shire by now: 

Shire May Queen for a year will be Miss Lina Willowwood

By her side will rule as Shire May King Master Simbo Rumblebelly! 

Here is a nice portrait of them both:

After the coronation ceremony, a sigh of relief could be heard coming from my mouth, but also a few small tears were quickly hid by the lasses who did not make it this year. We can always try again next year! But I think I'll pass that opportunity, as it became very clear, that I had to follow the ancient rules about becoming King and remove my hat!!

I proposed a floral scepter in stead of a floral crown (and had a nice one prepared), but Nannie was unrelenting! Let it be a warning for all who follow in my footsteps (and love hats).

I must say, the dancing went a lot better for me after the results had been made public and it was a great party with lovely music. Here are some more sketches and that will be it from me, Janco, roving reporter for a day, for the Gazette.