the Cold Ravine in concert

By Acorne Oakley

A concert with not one, but TWO bands to entertain you.

Come to the Methel Stage

on Saturday November 25

at 19:00 (( 2pm s/t))

to hear the Cold Ravine live in their first ever self-hosted concert:

Double Trouble

with fellow band The Hot Hillside ( A group of goblins who escaped from Agarnaith and Goblin-town to play music for the Free folks)

Finally we can play for you after so much time spent getting permission for the concert from  Mayor Will Whitfoot, Assistant Fallohide, Drogo Boffin, Brombard Foxtail, Barmy Rootknot, Alken Chubb, Adelard Took, Thain Paladin Took II & of course ...the Committee for the Preservation of the Methel-Stage.

We needed this permission for the Hot Hillside to play in the Shire because some hobbits remember that goblins weren't nice when they were seen last time in the Shire ( the battle at the Greenfields), so we had to convince folks, that these goblins are nice and harmless.

Have no fear when you join us this Saturday!!