The Cat & Fiddle Inn opens it's doors in Pindon Village

Post date: Nov 23, 2015 11:5:32 AM

By Rubellita Brandybuck  

What:  The formal opening of “The Cat and Fiddle Inn” in Pindon village. Bring yer hobbit for a tankard of ale and socializing with the locals!  

Where: In the Homestead of Pindon, 4 Brookbank Street  

When:  November 28, 2015, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM ((UK, 3pm -4:30pm servertime)) 

A new inn opening it's doors? As if Bounders are not busy enough inspecting the inns that are already there! But a new inn can't be opened without having been inspected first! So the Shirriff, still recovering from inspecting the Green Dragon last Friday, sent her Deputy to Pindon.

Formally, it's about checking licenses and safety regulations, but all bounders learn, that the most important part of the inspection is in testing the quality of the beverages and food. Can't have the public walking around with upset stomachs or extreme hangovers after a visit to an inn!

So, we brave Bounders voluntarily take the risk of catching all these unwanted symptoms in an effort to protect the good Hobbits of the Shire. I can't stress that enough: it's in the interest of the public, that we inspect inns. And boulders, but that's an entirely different matter. They may contain ore and these days, Shirriff has a full time job inspecting them.

So there I was in Pindon, looking for the proprietor and landlord, Master Agilbert. Alas, I could not find him, but he left the Inn under guard of a very alert dog, a sibling of Abby perhaps?

The Inn's yard looks ready to host many, many hobbits: there are tables for the food, a stage for entertainers and a chicken in a field.. Hobnanigans? Never seen that at an inn before. Sure, most have these little, fletched javelins to throw at a circular target (and try hitting that after a few ales!), but a hobnanigans field? Unique to this inn! *makes a note*

But where was the ale? Further investigation revealed that the door was open, so I entered and found myself in a cozy lobby. I wrote my name and business in the Guest book and peeked around the corner. More tables for more guests, a big enough room for any party!

And there they were: the kegs of ale! This inn is approved! No, not yet. Quality check first. A cat came to me and stroked my shins with it's tail. Ah, you must be the Cat of the Cat & Fiddle! Never found the Fiddle, but, hey diddle-diddle, Master Agilbert may show me that later.So hours later, after extensive and careful sampling of the ales in the kegs (and the necessary time needed to sleep it off. Luckily there was a bed!) I could add the official seal of approval to each and every keg. There's still the minor point of the licenses, but I am sure those will be in order too and of the same order of merit as the ales *hic*.

           Taking her job very seriously!

Therefore, as a bounder I can recomment this ale .. err.. inn to the public! Come to the official opening on November 28, at 8 Bells, and see for yourselves!

The fiddle must be there somewhere too