The Candidates for Shire May Queen and King. Vote now!

Post date: Apr 29, 2017 10:47:46 AM

By Janco Bloatfoot  

Last night on Green Dragon Fridaynight, Nannie announced the candidates who you can vote for for May Queen and, a first this year: May King. She also asked everyone to start voting now, by mail to Nannie. You are voting beforehand, not on May 6!! That day you'll hear the results as announced in a previous article.

Here are the names, before I forget to mention them (which would render my writing useless and void):

Candidates for the position of Shire May Queen for the duration of one year:

                        Miss Ingenue

                        Miss Dassa

                        Miss Terri

To quote Nannie: "A fine group of lassies, all as lovely as the dawn."

The, as it seemed, somewhat reluctant candidates for Shire May King are:

                        Master Potty

                        Master Pontin

                        Master Simbo

Another quote from Nannie: "Getting them ter come forward was almost like finding hen's teeth!"

So there you are: all fine and brave candidates for you to vote for.

Voting is as follows: You get one Queen vote and one King vote. Send your preferred candidates' names to Nannie by ((in game)) mail before May 6th. Remember: you can't vote anymore at the ceremony!