The Brandy Badgers: A roofstock owlfestation

Post date: May 09, 2016 7:17:39 PM

By Lina Willowwood   

The owls have started nesting in the roof of The Golden Perch! Them blighted menaces are a danger to roof and inn guests alike! Gunderic Grubb doesn’t know what to do!  

The latter is not strictly true, because Master Gunderic is well determined to chase the foul fowls away, before there is permanent roof damage. So he has invited the Brandy Badgers to come rehearse on top of the roof of the Perch.

The area is spacious and the roof is solid (at least if the owls haven’t nested too deep), so he hopes a lot of people will come to dance on the roof as well, to chase off the owls.

The Badgers will come with bags full of music notes by reknowned hobbit musician Bruco Springrock. Them songs will surely be loud enough to chase away the fowl owls.

Welcome everyone!

Date: Monday May 16 

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime)) 

Location: The Golden Perch Inn, Stock, The Shire 

(( OOC:

While we always love seeing lots of hobbits at our events, if others would like to attend as well, please do come along. Just stand a bit to the back as not to block the views of the hobbits. Keep the Laurelin in-character chat policy in mind, though, and don’t speak of things in /say or /emote that don’t belong in Middle Earth.

Music-wise, the Badgers will play lots of songs by Bruce Springsteen, in order to wrap up this year’s spring project, The Haunting of the Bridge Inn.