The August OAKS

Post date: Aug 02, 2015 10:28:5 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


I been puzzled lately...wonderin about much music festivals comin up! 

     *grins and nods head* 

What's a lass ta do after one weekend of rockin out wit the Rockfest on that faroff land of that eagle Landroval.... 

And the next weekend swingin out wit the Shirefest down Buckland way over in that distant Crickhollow land...

what's next?? about the weekend after that we have the OAKS!  (the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series) rite here in our own Shire in Laurelin land??

We cant let the party stop!

On Saturday August 22nd...yup it be Saturday this time...the Oldfurlong neighborhood will be keepin the ale aflowin...

the pipeweed blowin...

and the dancers noin that they cant stop dancin...


The Fraggles

will be here ta keep the party goin!!!

So come along if ya be lookin fer a new luv cause the time be just rite when they be playin sum luverly romantic ballads...

or come along if ya wants ta swing around ta the bouncin music wit yer new pet rabbit...

or come over ta Oldfurlong if ya just wants ta kick off yer shoes and listen ta sum sweet sounds

     (who wears shoes anyway?)

Well..I guess ya could say this music be just rite fer all folks of Middle Earth!

Come over ta Oldfurlong on Saturday August 22nd at 8 bells fer anuther remarkable concert when we folks of the Oldfurlong neighborhood share wit all of Middle Earth our beer, pipeweed, food, fireworks....and the music of the Fraggles!

Oh! I fergot ta mention come fer all the fun ya'll have dancin wit us    *giggles*

where:  the town square of the neighborhood of Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads

                      ((on the Laurelin server ))

when:   Saturday August 22nd at eight bells in the evenin

                      ((8pm UK time / 3pm server time))

Hugs ta ya all,