The Amazing Tale of Little Red Riding Hobbit

Post date: Mar 30, 2021 7:53:28 AM

By Diaspore Silvertongue

I grew up as part of a company of traveling performers known as The Silvertongues. It was a family enterprise, and we grew up learning to dance, juggle, sing, and perform in plays. We performed in the Shire, Breeland, Ered Luin, and on one memorable (but not pleasurable) occasion, at the Forsaken Inn in the Lone Lands.

My gifts did not lie in singing, dancing, or anything requiring dexterity. The time I tried swallowing fire, I burned my tongue; my singing voice caused hearers to flee, and my dancing, or so I was told, reminded others of a herd of drunk oliphaunts. However, I did evidence some dramatic ability and a fair facility with words. Consequently, I spent my time as an actor and dramatist.

A few months ago, our troupe decided to retire. The older members wanted to rest their bones from the bouncing and jouncing of travel, and the younger ones wanted to be free to explore more widely. I had no wish to retire completely, but I did want to settle in one place for more than a week at a time, so I went to live with my cousin Skilly Brockhill in the Shire, the place that felt most like home to me.

the stage where it will all be happening

I brought with me the almost-completed script of a play I had started during my travels, the play that became "Little Miss Riding Hobbit." The play tells the tale of a young hobbit lass who met an evil wild beast while walking innocently through the forest to her grandmother's house. It demonstrates how hobbit courage and ingenuity can defeat even the most wicked and wily of adversaries.

I was most fortunate to be able to recruit a talented cast, who in fact acted as co-playwrights with me in fleshing out the play's action. The play stars Acorne as Little Red Riding Hobbit and Grufforic as the Hero, with Morkang as the Wild Beast, Nannie as the Grandmother, Saelo as the Mother, and Lina Willowood as the narrator. Clumbo has created a fine musical accompaniment.

What: The Amazing Tale of Little Red Riding Hobbit, a play by Diaspore Silvertongue

When: Thursday, April 8, 7:30 PM Michel Delving time ((UK time, 2:30 PM server time))

Where: Downfurrow community stage (on the island next to the town center), Shire Homesteads

A party follows at the Furrowburrow, 4 Myrtle Court, Downfurrow. All are invited.