The 13th hobbit historical field trip - All the way to Fornost

Post date: Feb 13, 2017 11:56:12 AM

By Lina Willowwood    

A thousand years ago, the free people stood against an ancient evil in the northern city of Fornost. What really happened? What was the role of hobbits during the battle? Where the heck is Fornost anyway? For answers to this and more, join the 13th hobbit historical field trip!


Dates: Friday March 3, Saturday March 4 and Sunday March 5 

Time: 7:30PM ((UK)) all days 

Locations: Friday: Plough and Stars, Brockenborings. Saturday: Stable master, Brockenborings. Sunday: Fornost camp.

The Grand Order is currently preparing a journey from The Shire to Fornost. This will naturally be a long, slow journey, with some hardships involved. Who knows what food they serve out there! However, if we stay together, I am sure we can get there safe and sound. Even back again too!

We also welcome other adventurous hobbits along for the journey. Don't worry if yer waistband is too small for the areas we might visit. We'll do our best to take good care of yer all! Just don't tell yer friends and family that yer plan to be all adventurous, now. Surely yer don't want them to believe that yer are peculiar or something? Didn't think so!

Remember to dress up all proper for a long walk into dangerous lands! Bring good hobbity cheer as well - I am not sure there is much of that outside the Shire. Prepare campfires, food and a trusty walking stick! And join us on the road towards Fornost!

(( OOC:

This is a Hobbit Historical Field Trip over a whole weekend. As with our previous field trips, we'll go to a place of hobbit historical interest and share tales and stories about what happened there, to learn more about hobbit lore. However, as usual our lore scholars may tell the tales with a definite hobbits eye at things, so 100% lore perfection is unlikely.

Additionally, this is a roleplaying journey, providing social adventurous fun on the road. This means slow-travelling by walking or slow pony riding:

The schedule for this field trip is as follows:

The events start at 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime) all days.

During the travel day, we will slowly walk towards our end destination. There may be food breaks on the road, possibly with some lore about the lands we pass through. Once we reach our destination, there will be more food and tales. We won't go the full immersion route (among other things, we might travel even if it is dark). However, it is good if you:

Also, please follow the Laurelin RP policy, and remember that no OOC stuff should take place in the /say channel. Just speak of the things that would be on the minds of hobbits in Middle Earth, and you'll be OK!

We particularly encourage low-level characters to join in, that's just fun! We'll do our best to keep yer safe as we enter higher-level zones.

While this is a hobbit-themed event, others can join in on Saturday and Sunday should they have a particular interest in hobbitness. ))

Come join us on the road, hobbits! Let's have some fun together!