Tablets of Khazadgund Established in Thorin's Hall

Post date: Apr 11, 2015 8:20:18 AM

By Kandral, Dwarrow scholar  

Friday saw a handful of strange dwarves arrive by caravan in Thorin's Hall from dwarven halls far sundered to the east and south. Nothing out of the ordinary one would think, as caravans arrive from these halls every other week or moon these days. Yet this time the strangers that had passed the main gate were not seeking refuge from wars in the east nor were they traders. Every single one of them had arrived with scrolls, quills, ink-bottles... some even with a large collection of books. It did not take long before the regulars are Frerin's court had their eye on the unusual travelers. Rumors were soon buzzing at every bellow and forge, something was going. Had Lord Dwalin called for scribes to document his long life? Perhaps scribes were needed to record the ongoing campaigns against the goblins? 

At length, Borin Cointooth, the local caravan master unveiled the business of his passengers as they unpacked. "I hear these lads and lasses are here to start up a paper of sorts. That's all I know, now be gone and leave my weary customers alone, they've had a long and tiresome journey you know".  Some hours later, after packing their goods on a few sturdy ponies, the group of dwarves entered the Ulfirth homestead, where -according to one of them- their tablet-room was to be established.  When inquiring what exactly that meant, the dwarf said: "We are dwarves here to spread the tidings of far lands to all that wish to read it.  We have brought ravens with us that will gather these tidings. Here we shall create tablets that contain these gathered tidings... All dwarves can freely pass these along to any other on their journeys."  Soon after another member of this company, a young Blacklock going by the name of Borbi started to nail a sign above the door, it read "Tablets of Khazadgund".

Editor:  It is not often that the Gazette reports on events outside the Shire, but in this case we gladly make an exception. Some time ago, a kind dwarf calling himself Kandral, wrote to the editors for advise on setting up a kind of Gazette for the dwarves. Ofcourse we have assisted him and our Master Speckles did the art work, hence the similarities. We proudly call "the Tablets" our sister magazine and wish Master Kandral best of luck with the running of it. Please, tell your dwarven friends about it!