Summer Tales in the Shire

Post date: Jul 26, 2015 9:16:28 AM

By Nannie  

As a wee lassie, ah well remember sitting at me gammers knee. Eyes wide in wonder at the tales she would tell... 

Tales of strange beasts roaming the hills o' Bree,  

old Gaffer Hodger and his silly ways, 

stories of folk vanishing inter the mists of Needlehole nair ter be seen again! 

Well, tis been a long while since a good tale were spun, so Ah invites ye ter a night o' Summer Tales!

This Lammas, ah invite ye one and all ter come along and listen ter some tales of old, bring a tale yerself to share if'n ye've a mind ter.

Perhaps ye'll hear the tale of Bilbo's front door key? or maybe the Rushbog toads?

We'll be meeting near the Party Tree, fer there's a grand fire burning there.

Bring yerself, yer ale an yer tea and lets pass on sum more tales ter delight. 

Gather around hobbits and friends, and prepare yourselves for a night of tales and great by the fire. On a dark, starlit night. You're huddled with friends around a campfire in the woods and hills of the Shire far from the village, taking turns telling stories. Someone has just recounted a particularly eerie tale about an encounter with a ghost and a dragon, insisting it was true. You sit quietly, staring into the flames, reluctant to let on that it actually made your skin crawl. Then someone in the shadows clears his throat and begins to speak: "Did you hear the one about. . . "




August 1st, 2015

8 pm ( BST )

Campfire near the Party Tree

((OOC details:

This is a storytelling event, come along...bring a tale and enjoy a lovely evening by the fire in the Shire - This is an event organized by hobbits but all are welcome by the campfire, tall and short ))