Summer Poetry Competition 2015

Post date: May 30, 2015 11:27:16 AM

By Jadite Bumblefoot O the summer time has come 

and the trees are sweetly blooming 

and the wild mountain thyme 

grows around the blooming heather. 

Will ye go lassie, go? 

Seasons come and go, the cycle of the sun turns bringing the crops to swelling goodness. Tis the time ter take a break from tilling the fields and rejoice in all that is grand. Time ter sit back and fer yon budding hidden poets ter put their pens ter paper and see who will become this years Summer-time Bard.

Tis been a while since last we met and listened to the offerings of the poets, but we’ll change that now.

No doubt there’s many a new poet appeared since last Spring, and tis only fair ter give them a chance ter shine. So this time the competiton is open ter all who hasna won a title before.

Now the topics ye have ter choose from, these are want we’d like ye ter base yer poem on, are: Water (rivers, streams, lakes anything water based) Friends or Traveling

Location: Methel Stage, Bywater.

When: Saturday 27th June

Time: 7:30 pm ((BST / 2:30 servertime))

Topics: Water, Friends or Traveling

Prizes: Summer-Time bard title, plus anything else I can find down the sofa!

All races are welcome ter sign up fer this most grand event, and I’ll look ferward ter seeing ye all on the night. Bring a picnic ter enjoy and music will be on hand fer yer dancing pleasure.

If yer interested in taking part then drop a message via the fast post ter meself or me Nannie.