Storynight at the Bird & Baby

Post date: Aug 16, 2019 4:2:46 PM

By Nannie 

Just some more information regarding yon story night, a little late ah knows. Still better late than never buying a pint! 

Tis been a while now since ah last gatherer folk tergether and we told many a tale. Now ah hear tell, there's a fancy hall where hobbits will gather, but ah always delight in finding new places ter abide and listen ter folk. 

So come one come all, be ye storyteller bold, a shy poet or just wanting ter listen in good company. All are welcome, and we're meeting in the Bird and Baby Yard this Saturday (17th). Ah've been promised that food and drink will be free, so dunna worry about that.

Ah'll be there round 8pm ((BST/3pm Server time)) with a maybe some old tales or a new un. Ah hopes ter see.


And then there were these hobbits: thinking story night would not return to the Bird and Baby until Ronald Dwale returned from his travels