Starting to think about Bullroarer Took Day

Post date: Feb 17, 2022 6:40:33 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Hullo readers, musicians, poets and storytellers,

It's February 17 at the time of writing, which means it is one month to go to Bullroarer Took Day. Time to get organising!

We have already received many applications of bands and can accomodate no more of them. Regretably we'll have to close the event for more bands now. Poets and bards are still welcome to sign up! (Updated February 23).

Last year we had lovely Bullroarer Took celebrations in cooperation with the Little Wanderers. It was on a Wednesday, which is their day of the Night of the Muses. Things worked out fine and we had a great lineup of bands and some poets to fill the evening with. It was wonderful to see how many people actively participated and to see many visitors for whom it was their first Bullroarer Took Day gathering. Marketeers completely sold out on green dye, I've heard.

Now for this year, I'd love to see something similar to that. The theme of the evening will be (obviously) Bullroarer Took and his great deeds for the Hobbit community and the style of music we will be aiming for will be folk music in all it's guises.

Ofcourse that famous band the Greenbrambles will play for you (but not the entire evening), as they have been doing for many years. Fom today on until, let us say, March 5 you can sign up to perform in Brockenborings at the foot of Bullroarer's statue on March 17, starting from 7:30 Bells ((19:30 UK time, 3:30 servertime. Yes, there will be clock fiddling going on on March 13 in the USA)).

We'll make

As a poet you do not necessarily need to fill the entire 10 minutes, read it as up to 10 minutes. So one short poem is okay too, but please make it about Bullroarer Took or the Battle of the Greenfields.

The same applies to bards and bands: you can get a slot of "up to" the mentioned duration.

As poets and bards tend to be more shy than bands, we'll give preference to them. The program and how many can perform will all depend on how many applications I will receive.

On March 10th at the latest you will get word on whether you are in the program. If not in, I hope you will still be coming and enjoy the show.

So send in your applications as soon as you can, but on March 5 at the latest! Just send them to the editors of this Gazette (by email only, please, don't use the contact form anymore). I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!