Start the New Year wit Old Friends at the OAKS

By Acorne Oakley

Hiya & Happy New Year ta all of ya folks!

Been a very long time since the last OAKS way back in early December and a lot has happened since then ...wheeee!

Hope y'all been stayin safe & warm ...and hopefully havin a bit of fun along the way :)

That was a tree-ific OAKS back on the first saturday of December wit the absolutely awesum White Flames!

Sir Aifel truly luvs all genres of music as reflected in his marvelous musical arrangements ....

from the brilliant Bohemian Rhapsody that sends shivers down my spine ...

ta a song dedicated ta that luvly blonde waitress that used ta work at the Mad Badger afore the fire who sang about Jolene ....

ta sum tunes that moved folks ta sing along wit the band ....thanks ta Lady Cher, Star, & dear Blakcs fer makin the evenin even more fun wit their angelic voices  ...

From the medley that combined classic rock & swing ....

ta the hauntin luv ballads   ...the evenin was filled wit truly beautiful music.

Thanks agin, Sir Aifel, fer bringin the unique sparkle of the White Flames ta the Dec. OAKS.

That was quite a day in Oldfurlong & thanks ta my sweet Neighbor ...

we can enjoy it over & over agin!!!!   

A new year has begun ... but we are mid-season fer the OAKS   ..lots more ta come!

And I think the best way ta start a new year be wit  old . .... long-time dear friends :D

I cannot think of a better way ta start this new year off than wit the marvelous 


When I think back over all the years I've known them  ....I am always happy that they became my friends :)

I appreciate that these dear folks are not only kind, luvin & supportive but also sum of the most talented music-makers in all of Middle Earth.

A fact which many, many folks who count themselves as devoted fans of the Mondies will gladly tell ya.

All one has ta tell folks is ...       Mondbarden will be the band!

and they all know this will be another fun party!

where:  the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                 ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday January 20 at seven and a half bells in the evenin 

                  (( 19:30 UK time / 20:30 CET / 2:30pm server time ))

See ya saturday in Oldfurlong!

warm happy hugs,