Spring Poetry Competition

Post date: Mar 29, 2014 11:43:59 AM

By Jadite Bumblefoot  

Its spring its spring  Oh I just can’t wait  To find fruits on the vases  And flowers on my plate   

I want to hear the warm sun 

And feel the robin singing  

Watch the scent of the flowers  

And smell the butterflies flying 


Arvie Calimlim 


After a long wait, tis the time fer yon budding poets ter put yer pens ter paper and see who will win this years Spring-time Bard


Now that the nights are growing longer, the birds are singing and life tis returning to the lands. Now tis the time fer ye ter decide just what Spring means ter ye, and express yerself with it.


So, this time, there's no a subject ter pen yer poem about... We wants ter hear what Spring and all that it is, means ter ye.


Location: Methel Stage, Bywater.


When: Saturday 19th April


Time: 7:30 pm (GMT)/ 2:30  Servertime


Topics: What Spring means ter you


Prizes: Spring-Time bard title, plus anything else I can find down the sofa!


All races are welcome ter sign up fer this most grand event, and I'll look ferward ter seeing ye all on the night. Refreshment are provided and music is on hand fer yer dancing