Spring lovers dance 2014

Post date: Jan 24, 2014 3:33:27 PM

By Nannie  Now Ah know that the frosts of winter are still with us, and the snow lies deep on the ground in parts. But if ye look real close like, ye'll see the first stirring of spring in the land. The snowdrops they be a budding, bringing with em the promise of warmth ter come, and as the earth begins ter stir.... well so too does the romance in the hobbit soul.So, I would like ter invite ye hobbit's one and all, old and young ter what should be the third of it's like.... well, it would be if last years terrible storm hadna washed out the dance!*

Come join us in the village of Overhill, perhaps we can finaly persuade those young lovers ter get wed, or just run away tergether.

Bring yer partner, yer sweetheart or just come and find one. Dress in yer best, the colours of romance, enjoy a dance ter the fine music of Hobbit Heart and an ale or two.

Location: Overhill

Date: Saturday 8th February

Time: 7:30 pm (GMT)

It'll be grand ter see ye there!


* ((OOC: last year we had to cancel this event due to a update that went a little over it's time, so I'll try again for this year. I'll be away on the 14th, which would have clashed with GDF anyway, hence the 8th))