Songburrow Strollers play out of bounds at Winterstock Festival

Post date: Jan 04, 2014 4:18:56 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush   Our well-known and excellent hobbit band, the Songburrow Strollers, are aiming to spread their fame across many borders and bounds. You may have heard them at the Weatherstock music festival last year (or one of the previous years) and this year they will be entering the Winterstock festival.  

Organised by the same Lonely Mountain Band, Winterstock will take place during the four days of January 17th until and including 20th.No less than 19 bands will each play for one hour and unlike Weatherstock, there will be no competition element, just one big party! Winterstock will take place outside of Thorin's Hall, just next to the Silverdeep Mine.

 But wait! You will have to travel out of bounds to a place called Landroval first and THEN to Thorin's Silverdeep Mine.

So our Shire will be represented by our very own Songburrow Strollers, but there are more names there that will ring a bell: How about the Chosen Few, lead by Master Grymrock and the Shades with the ever charming Miss Achazia Songweaver, the Andune Ensemble who recently played at the new statue in Michel Delving. And many more! The Strollers will play on Sunday 19th, from 7pm to 8pm ((UK time)). For a full schedule, follow the leads below.

What was that about no competition? Not between the performing bands there isn't, but there is a horse race called the Blue Mountain Classic!

For more information about Winterstock and the Blue Mountain Classic, please contact Miss Floradine who was kind enough to make us aware of these festivities (and in fact helps organise them!).


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Very important: be aware that Winterstock is held on the LANDROVAL server. You'll have to have or make a character there to attend.

Here are the schedules where you can see which band plays when:

Schedule Friday:

Schedule Saturday:

Schedule Sunday:

Schedule Monday:

Times given are in servertime, as is customary on Landroval. Add 5 to get UK time, 6 to get Central European time ))