Socky Yard Party with Cats, not Hats, theme

Post date: Mar 14, 2015 9:45:57 AM

By the Odd Socks  

Cats Hats! Love them or loathe them, they are a part of our life. We've all heard of the Cat in the Hat(!!), of Puss in Boots, but cats in socks? Let's face it, the weather may be warming up, but it's always Cool for Cats. Join us in a special socky celebration in honour of cats and their ilk. Feline songs and poems and all the usual socky silliness can be found in the yard of the Bird and Baby on Thursday 9th April at 7:30pm ((UK Time, 2:30 servertime)). We'd love to see you (except in a hat, of course).     

Everyone wearing a lovely hat, is welcome!


Taigeis, Tinsella, Penina and Woot

(The Odd Socks)


No hats! But prizes for best hats!

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