So Nice in Songburrow

Post date: Jan 25, 2016 4:19:31 PM

By Lina Willowwood   

Songburrow is the home of the Grand Order, but also a fine place to visit for other hobbits. Here are news of some of the recent developments in the village!    

The local stables in 2 Chalk Road have always welcomed ponies from all villages for rest and grooming (in particular those headed for a flowery meal in the luscious gardens at 6 Chalk Road). Before yule, the stable grounds was redeveloped into a fully fledged crafting hub, with all services imagineable: A forge, a workbench, an oven, a scholar's study and a plot of farmland for growing crops.

Hobbits from neigbouring villages are of course welcome to use the crafting center and its facilities, or just to stop by and have a chat with the locals. Just blow the horn near the door if you need to call upon the local lass in charge of selling crafting goods. In addition, as part of the local service, everyone should be able to pick up universal crafting ingredients from two crates near the door.

Staying on Chalk Road, exciting news and sweet scents come from 5 Chalk Road, where a pie shop has recently opened. Miss Pycella offers sales of lovely pies and welcomes pie-seeking visitors to her shop. Should she not be home when you come knocking, just leave a letter in her mail box and state your pie needs. Be sure to order early, since it is rumoured that the nearest neighbours are very fond of pies and might empty the local stocks before you know it.

Overview of the stable grounds with the different crafting stations.

Elsewhere, the yule celebrations at Songburrow Hall on 4 Brookbank Street formally ended yesterday, to much sighing and many wistful looks. The snowman was gently rolled out of the garden (or, rather, it became the focal point of a last-minute snowball fight), the cooking fire was doused, and the yule tree was removed. Inside, all yule decorations were carefully collected and safely stored in the study for later use. Or, at least, that was the plan until the local study "guest", a hideous and rapidly growing oinker, dove headfirst into the decorations and started munching merrily. The Grand Order is currently looking for someone to create new yule decorations for next year. The same oinker has also made something of a mess of the mathom records in the study, and these will need proper sorting and archiving before becoming useful again. Any missing mathoms will surely resurface. Eventually. Somewhere.