Smial Wonders of Books

By Saelo Honeythumb

Have you ever wondered what it is the deal with books? How and why they are written, how one decides to write one? How come some people decides to gather all the book they can find together and open a library?

Then you are in for a treat! Because on July 20th I will have a small lecture about the importance of everything mentioned, and also tell you about how things work in Smials Library (some Took secrets also might be slipped in, and definitely by accident!). The lecture will contain following topics:

Additionally, all your questions will be answered, and if the stars align, there can be a story or two about books.

The lecture will take place in Smials Library in Tuckborough, on July 20th, at seven and half bells ((UK Time)), and will last for an hour.

((OOC: Although this event is meant to be for Hobbits, passersby of other races are welcome as well))

Saelo Honeythumb