Sixth Annual Salmon Run

Post date: Jun 11, 2018 12:30:35 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

Another year has slipped by and we are ready for the sixth Annual Brandywine Salmon Run! For those new to the graceful art of salmon fishing, I should perhaps explain that every year, the salmon, having finished their spawning up at the lake, make their way back to the sea. And this month they will be swimming down the Brandywine through the Shire.  

So, as in past years, we shall be organising a competition with a prize for the largest salmon caught. The fishing spot is the northeast Greenfields, which can be a little dangerous, so we will be meeting in Brockenborings, by the Bullroarer statue, at seven and a half bells ((19:30 UK time)) before making our way to the riverbank. All you need to bring is suitable outdoor clothing and a fishing rod, of course! The trip will begin with a short talk on this magnificent but unusual fish, before we begin our trek across the Greenfields.

As usual, we shall hold a parallel competition for those who have never caught a salmon. So, whatever your skill as an angler, we'd very much like to see you on Saturday, 16th June at the Bullroarer statue in Brockenborings. Who knows you could be our next Champion!



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