Sittin at home durin the awful, terrible, very bad storm

Post date: Jan 16, 2016 3:17:53 PM

By Acorne Oakley  

While I be all alone in my burrow wonderin ifin my muffins will last til this awful. terrible, very bad storm passes....  

I sit here listenin ta that horrible wind outside.   It seems ta be blowin in things that be bangin against the sides of my burrow.   So in an effort ta stay brave cause ya no us guardians need ta always be brave fer uther folks....I decided ta play a happy tune on me flute.

Rite in the middle of the purty tune...BAM!...I herd a crash over my head and a giant ice spike come crashin down thru my roof!

It made me drop my flute  and jump over ta the side.

I tried ta start anuther tune on my harp this time...BAM!...anuther big spike come down and hit my arm makin my harp slip and there was a gap where music was supposed ta be :(

I sneaked outside fer a moment....looked up and didnt see any ice on my roof...

So I went back in and played a lively tune this time on my bagpipes!

I played a fast one so I could jump out of the way when them icy spikes wood fall...

I'm still not sure from where them big spikes be fallin

       *looks around in confusion*

But a thot came ta me ...maybee I should stop playin fer awhile and see ifin there be anythin else around needs doin.

I saw these notes folks slipped ta me durin the last OAKS....

and started readin them.

As I read the notes folks had given me, it brought back so many pleasant memories of the fine music we had at the last OAKS ...way back last year on December 29th.

One of them folks, Northwen, was brand new ta our Shire and talked a lil funny but I could understand I no you folks probable can two..

"Changed server recently and tonight i got the taste of the vibe and Rock&roll on Laurelin server.

My friend hobbit Chamelia invite me to watch the band "rock and a hard place",

 well they totally blew the stage.. what a performance!

Each song was being played by their heart and soul and the crowd were cheering and clapping for  minutes after every song.

This band has a bright future"

Welcome ta the Shire, Northwen, and please join us in Oldfurlong fer all our future OAKS...the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series...we luv ta party wit all our friends  (the ones who been friends since the beginnin , the ones who joined us along the way, and the new ones who just come fer the first time)

Anuther newcomer ta our Shire, Asinna, had this "short" comment ta say....

"This was my first concert at OAKS within the beautiful town square of Oldfurlong. And this was my first concert with the magical band ‘a Rock and a Hard Place’, under the gentle lead of Mr. Bruzo

If one never has been to a concert with a Rock and Hard Place, next performance is an absolute must.  If one has, then one better had had a good excuse for not being there.

The concert drew quite a large crowd, mostly locals and quite a number from further away.  And what a crowd it was, merry and high spirited, always ready for whatever the band “threw” at us.

And what a magical night and concert it was, such lovely lively music left my feet never resting for a minute, and witty lyrics (many dedicated to food) made my smile never go away.

An over two hour long lively concert, leading far into the starlit night, brought us, as promised, a wide variety of rocking tunes from both older days to more contemporary selections, as well as an occasional more softer tune.

Thanks a Rock and Hard Place for a most marvelous music night in high spirit. It will most definitely linger long in memory.

And a great many thanks to the arranger of OAKS, Ms. Acorne Oakley, for bringing us such a jewel of a band."

ya be most welcome Asinna...and I hopes ya come ta all the future OAKS...ya'll always be welcome in Oldfurlong :)

Look here! a lovely note from my friends in the White Flames!    wonder what they had ta say about...A Rock and A Hard Place?

"The atmosphere was great as representatives of all free peoples gathered for this year's last OAKS.   The band was good at getting the crowd cheering. jumping and dancing, some really nice tunes were played.   The lyrics of the songs were funny, and it was an enjoyable experience to be there."

   *giggles*    they told me they had a bit of a tipsy evenin.....Master Tiny did a mighty fine job of keepin folks in beer/wine/ales fer the evenin so many got merrier as the concert went on....even tho dear Missus Toadflax did her very best ta make eveybodee eat sumthin...her dear daughter Miss C had cooked up a mighty fine breakfast fer eveybodee there :)

The White Flames seemed ta all have a great time which pleases me so much....

Thanks fer all yer kind words.... on behalf of A Rock and A Hard Place , the residents of Oldfurlong, and me      

*big warm hugs ta ya one and all*

and I think that's's a scrap of paper on the floor...

it seems ta be a poem....oh I luv poems!! :)

"The branches shook and the leaves fell

The hobbits cheer and the dwarves yell

The elves dance while the men sing

Twas music time in an Oaken ring

Beer was drank and cakes consumed

A Rock and a Hard Place were playing the tunes

The crowd got huge all looking for fun

To party all night past the setting sun

With happy hearts and heavy legs

When all was done they went to their beds

The concert was grand , that all would agree

Presided over by Miss Acorne you see"

WOW! Thanks Gagro....that was very lovely:)   Ya be anuther very talented lad :)

I look forward ta seein ya at the next OAKS on Monday Jan 25 and ta read any future poems ya write....but ya be welcome no matter if ya write any more or not.

I want ta add my personal thanks ta Master Bruzo and all of A Rock and A Hard Place fer not just the December OAKS but many fun days of dancin and laughin ta their funny lyrics.

I think back and laugh whenever I open that present those hobbit lads leave on my doorstep....

and absolutely no one can have breakfast witout thinkin BACON!  or EGG!

It was an outstandin party and thanks ta all of ya fer comin ta share this nite here in Oldfurlong and thanks agin ta that most talented of clarinet players....the fabulous Bruzo...and his equally fabulous band...A Rock and A Hard Place!!

((Fer ya poor unfortunates what had ta miss the party and fer anybodee who wants ta enjoy it all once agin :

and  ))