Shortshot Shire Pet Show

By Timblewoot

On the 15th June, the small company of Hobbits, known as The Socks, are hosting a Shire Pet Show, celebrating the weird and wonderful pets that hobbits can keep as company. Hobbits are weird and wonderful, after all, and so are  their hats pets!!

We said:  NO hats!!!

There will be four categories for the pet show:

Each entry should ideally tell a little story as to why their pet is in that category and deserves to win!

There will also be an award for the Best in Show!

The show will conclude with a parade around the homestead of all the strange pets in the show. And strange hobbits too!

Location: Shortshot Homestead, 4 Myrtle Court

Date: Saturday 15th June

Time: 7:30pm (UK Time)

Dress Code: Wear a Fancy Hat  Anything without a hat!