Shock Result at Great Trout Tickle!

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 8:50:11 AM

Bramblebury’s Lina Willowwood clears the board  By our local correspondent  With an unprecedented turnout of twenty would-be champion anglers, the Shire Angling Club Great Trout Tickle was breaking records before it even began. The second record to be broken was the total number of fish caught, which was a breathtaking five hundred and fifty-seven, of which sixty-five were trout and eleven, salmon!  More surprising than the broken records was the performance of Miss Lina Willowwood who walked off with no less than three main prizes! Shire Angling Club spokes-hobbit, Miss Penina Pondhopper said, “As fas as I can remember, this is the first time one competitor has won so many prizes in a single competition. Hats off to Miss Lina, she left the other competitors standing.” Before the contest, Miss Pondhopper presented Albin Northcotton, joint organiser of the Trout Tickle with lifetime honorary membership of the Shire Angling Club. She told the Gazette, “Without farmer Northcotton’s help we would not have been able to stage today’s event. He has not only allowed us to use his fishing pond but has also worked with the Angling Club to re-stock with trout in preparation for the contest. I can only salute his public-spirited attitude. The life membership was the least we could do in return.”

Full results:

Fullest Keep net: First prize: Master Applecider with a catch of 36 fish; Second, Miss Toolee, 34 fish; Third, Master Vedoc Diggins with a catch of 32.

Golden Trout award: Miss Lina Willowwood for the first Golden Trout caught

Diversity Award: Miss Lina Willowwood for the most number of separate species of trout caught (seven)

Tight Lines Award: Miss Lina Willowwood with a total catch of eleven trout.

Weediest Angler Award: Master Vedoc Diggins, with 5 batches of weeds!

Consolation prizes of Commemorative Lebethron Fishing Rods went to: Miss Lyllea, Master Grosgo Sackville-Bolger and Miss Allegretta Aleford in the general category and Miss Apri and Master Algillic in the Trout-fisher category.

Asked about the record turnout, Miss Pondhopper said, “It is very encouraging to see so many hobbits taking an interest in the fishing competitions. There seem to be more and more competitors with each contest. We are already thinking of the next venue which will clearly need to accommodate a large number of anglers.”

Albin Northcotton accepting lifetime honorary membership of the Shire Angling Club