Shire Queen Search  2014

Post date: Mar 22, 2014 10:12:18 AM

By Jadite Bumblefoot  

Tis the time ter start calling the lassie's o' the Shire ter come forward and try ter win the title,   

Date : 3rd May (saturday) 

Time : 8 pm (BST) 

Location : Party Tree Hobbiton 

It's starting now! Are ye a lassie of the Shire? Do ye have what it takes ter be Queen of the May? If so, then don't delay, send yer name to either meself or me Nan, fer we're loving ter hear from ye all, and ye could be the one the Shire chooses!

Miss Acorne won the title last year! Will she keep hold of her crown or will another lass take it from her?

Only the voters can decide.

The People of the Shire are starting the search fer this years May Queen, and are inviting lasses of all ages ter come forward and put their names down. Once we have some willing candidates, their names will be listed here and then voting will be opened.

So lassies.. if yer interested, send yer names ter me or me Nan (here or in-game) and we'll get ye on the list.

The event is open to all Hobbits of the Shire and beyond, results ter be announced at the party on May the 3rd.

Who will be this year's Shire Spring Queen??