Shire Queen (and King) Nominations!

Post date: Apr 20, 2019 5:45:19 PM

By Nannie 

Right me dears, now the fun begins! 

Here are the lovely mature lassies that have been put forward fer our possible Queen of the May. Read on! 

Miss Almi and Miss Granmama.

Now fer the laddies we have: 

Master Deamfast  and Master Bonkadoc  and Master Matzo

A grand selection ter say the least!

The floral crowns have already been made and you get to pick on which head they will rest.

Voting remains the same as always, ye have two votes: one fer the lass of yer choice and one fer the lad. Get yer choice ter me via the fast post - or whisper it ter me when ye see me - afore the ending of the Green Dragon on the 3rd of May. Voting closes then and no more will be taken.

Our new Queen will be announced at the May Queen Party the following day! Date and place for that:

Date: Saturday 4th May 

Time: 8pm (BST) 

Location: Shire Rose Kin-Hall, Brightdown 

So get Voting!!