Shire May Queen Election, Part 2: Presenting the candidates

Post date: Apr 20, 2020 1:9:14 PM

By Nannie

Right me dears! ah'd like ter thank all of ye fer nominating so many lads and lassies fer the race ter be the next Shire May Queen an King.

Now ah needs ter tell ye how ter cast yer votes, fer tis up ter ye all ter pick the lass and lad of yer choice. Then ah'll let ye know who ye've got ter pick from!

Voting is easy ter do. Each hobbit gets two votes - one fer the lass ye wants an the other fer the laddie - Ye does this by sending yer choices ter me either via the Quick post or if ye see me, then just pull me aside and whisper it ter me. A note will be made and the deed is done.

Last day fer voting is Green Dragon Friday on May 1st, then all votes will be counted and made final with the results announced at the Crowning ceremony held the next day, at Shire Roses Kin hall.

Here's the list of candidates fer ye ter choose from:

Miss Briallin

Miss Ragamuffin

Miss Apri

Miss Pennyroyal

and the lads

Master Fidgit

Master Nawagrim

Master Pontin

Master Matzo

So there ye goes, over ter ye ter gets those votes acoming in!