Shire May Candidates

Post date: Apr 21, 2022 8:6:8 PM

By NannieĀ 

Right me dears!

The names are all in and tis time fer ye ter cast ye votes fer our next Shire Queen O' the May and her king.

As always, ye all gets one vote fer the lass of yer choice and one fer the lad. When ye've made yer choice, send it ter me either via the Quickpost - them lads an lasses hate this time of year! Or whisper it ter me even ye see's me next

All voting is secret, with the winners revealed at the Grand event on May Day itself!

Yer candidates fer May Queen are:

Miss Dandedill

Miss Demelsa

Miss Filomina

Miss Louisalotta

Miss Myrtellia

Miss Oleander-Rose

Miss Pernella

Fer May KIng:

Master Clumbo

Master Dobb

Master Oates

Master Tubblo

Master Wiberic

Master Xobin

So there ye go! One hobbit one vote per Queen an King. Ye has till the end of Green Dragon on April 29th ter get ye votes in!