Shire Angling Club joins forces with Northcotton Folk

Post date: Jun 30, 2015 9:40:9 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper   

An exciting event awaits keen anglers of the Shire and beyond. The Shire Angling Club has been working with the good folk of Northcotton Farm, on the outskirts of Oatbarton, to organise another Great Trout Tickle. Ponso Pondhopper, founder and President of the Shire Angling Club and Breona Twilburr, Mayor of the Northcotton Folk have been in discussions with local framer Alvin Northcotton, to secure agreement to use the fishing pond at Northcotton Farm to host this year’s

Great Trout Tickle.

Ponso Pondhopper with Farmer Alvin Northcotton

As with last year’s event, there will be two classes for the competition. Those new to angling will be able to compete in the general catch category, while there will be a separate contest for trout fisherhobbits, with prizes for the first Golden Trout caught, and the diversity prize for the most number of different species caught, in addition to the usual general catch. A trophy will be awarded to the heaviest Brown Trout caught.

Said Club President, Ponso Pondhopper, “We are very grateful to the folk of Northcotton for welcoming us back for this important event in the club’s timetable. Not only that, but the local residents will be organising entertainment and refreshments during the weigh-in. This year is set to be an even greater success than last year’s contest.”

According to Breona Twilburr, Mayor of Northcotton, "This year's festival will be the best yet! The Townsfolk of Northcotton have some special entertainment planned for the visiting Shirefolk, and there will be FOOD! Lots of it! So stop on by to the Northcotton Marketplace for a grand time!"

The event will be held at Northcotton Farm on Saturday 4th July at 7:30pm ((UK time, 2.30pm servertime). No need to register, just see Ponso or Silon on the evening.