Scream Dragon Friday!

Post date: Oct 09, 2017 10:1:25 AM

By Lina Willowwood   

Friday the 13th. 

Friday the 13th? 

Eek! It is Scream Dragon Friday! 


Date: Friday October 13 *shivers* 

Time: 7:30PM ((UK / 2:30PM servertime)) 

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater 

The days are getting darker and darker, as the shadow of autumn spreads in the Shire. This is the season for scary stories; gammer’s tales that seem more real than ever…. Even the most reasonable of us might get superstitious when the wind howls in the windows, the floor panels creak on their own and biscuits jars seem to empty themselves when you are not looking…

We hobbits are arranging a special Friday evening for you: The Scream Dragon Friday, happening on Friday the 13th October! Time to bring your most horrifying stories, poems, music pieces (and scariest horns). Share the goosebumps! No need to sign up, just turn up during the evening and whisper to Miss Pycella who is hosting the event.

See yer at the Green Dragon Night of Horrors! Let’s make it a horrible… I mean horrifying experience for everyone!

((  OOC:

Usual Green Dragon Friday guidelines apply, so this is a roleplaying event for hobbits, with travelling (and scary) dwarves welcome.))