Riddles at the Green Dragon, Friday 2 February

Post date: Jan 26, 2018 3:2:4 PM

By Lina Willowwood  

On 2nd February, we will have a special night at the Green Dragon: a riddle-themed evening! Does it have any riddles in its pocketses, precioussss? Then it should bring them to the Green Dragon and let the others make guesses!  

Date: Friday February 2

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Green Dragon, Bywater

Miss Pycella will host this evening. She has also prepared a special riddle game for everyone at the inn. And there might be some pielicious awards for the winners and participants. Just bring your riddle hat and prepare yourself for some fun!

(( OOC:

This will be a usual Green Dragon evening, where hobbits and travelling dwarves are welcome. If you want to bring riddles to the event, please make sure that these fit in the world of LOTRO, as this is a roleplaying event. We will focus on riddles, but music, songs, stories, poems and other entertainment is welcome too, as usual.))