Results of the Wedmath Catfish Hunt

Post date: Aug 09, 2016 12:24:55 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper   

I now have the verified results of the first Wedmath Catfish Hunt, held at Woodhall Bridge on 7th Wedmath.

An impressive twenty-three anglers took part and a total of six hundred and seven fish were caught, broken down as follows:

Bitterling: 104

Goldfish: 87

Charr: 85

Dace: 81

Minnow: 73

Barbel: 54

Rudd: 46

Catfish: 40

Smelt: 37

 A fine catch of forty catfish, making this a very successful outing for all concerned!


As all anglers but one were in the senior category, six principal prizes were awarded as follows:

First Prize, 58 points: Mister Gerhalt, a visitor to the Shire

Second Prize, 55 points, 5 catfish, Miss Tibba Stoutfoot

Third Prize, 55 points, 1 catfish, Miss Winziglea

Fourth Prize, 51 points, Miss Harbella

Fifth Prize, 50 points, Miss Knitbone, 

Sixth Prize 49 points, Mister Hugto

(Note: Mister Hugto, being in the junior category, was given a points bonus)

Runners up (each winning a fine ‘Woodhall Wonder’ fishing rod):

Mister Potty

Miss Lina

Mister Pipes

Miss Acorne

Shirrif Nimelia

Mister Fidgit

The Weedy prize for the most weeds caught was shared between Miss Berry rose and Miss Rubysue with 6 clumps of weed each.

Weigh-inAn enormous catfish, easily the biggest caught this year, was presented by Miss Pennyroyal. This weighed in at a tremendous 59 pounds and 5 ounces!

Runner up was Mister Ozborne of the Shire Angling Club, with a whopper of 49 pounds, 14 ounces.

Altogether a very successful outing, setting a difficult record to beat next Wedmath! The next Angling Club match will be in September in Needlehole (date to be arranged) as part of the Harnkegger Games.

Best Wishes,

Ponso Pondhopper