Results of the 4th Annual Brandywine Salmon Run

Post date: Mar 08, 2016 2:16:33 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper    

There was a  grand turn out for the fourth annual Brandywine Salmon run, with some record-breaking catches. Altogether, 26 contestants joined in, with five in the junior class and 21 seniors. A total of 1,020 fish were landed, an all-time record for a Shire Angling Club contest! Of these, 39 were salmon and 78 were trout.   

In the Junior category, the results were as follows: 

The 1st Prize was won by Master Frethin of Durin’s Folk, with a record scorecard of 70 points (largely due to the considerable number of trophy fish landed). This score will be difficult to beat.

2nd prize went to Miss Hollyberye, with a respectable score of 33 points

3rd prize went to Fontaine with a score of 30 points

The runner up prize went to Mister Hugto with 22 points

In the Senior category, the results were as follows: The 1st prize was won by Mister Everbrock, with a score of 55 and 5 salmon caught 2nd prize went to Miss Tibba with a score of 55 points and 2 salmon caught 3rd prize went to Miss Sappia with 54 points Runner-up prizes went to Miss Nimelia 51 points Miss Acorne 50 points Miss Pennyroyal 49 points and Miss Gennetta 47 points This was one of the closest contests we have ever had!

The Barbel Trophy went to Miss Hollyberye, who landed a huge fish of 18 lb 3 oz: a record catch for Barbel!

The winner of the title Salmon King for this year was Mister Simbo with an unbelievable salmon weighing 57 lb 3 oz. The previous record, held for two years by Mister Potty of just over 40 lb has been well and truly broken. We have consulted our record books and can confirm that this is the biggest salmon ever taken from the River Brandywine! Well done Mister Simbo, our new Salmon-King!

A reminder to game fishers (Trout Salmon and Grayling). The close season for these river fish begins on March 17 to give these a chance to breed and keep our stocks up. These fish should not be taken out of the water until the close season is over, 3 April. Our next contest will be held in late April: watch out for an announcement soon!

Ponso Pondhopper


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